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This is a great story that tugged at my heart. You did a fine job of building the characters and the dialog flowed. My daughter is joining the Peace Corps next week for over two years. The thought of being able to Skype her makes her leaving bearable. Good job.
This is a lovely, well-written story, exceeding most of what I have read in "higher" levels this week.
This was a precious story. So touching. You did a nice job of showing us the characters.
Well done!

This is my absolute favorite this week. My mom is in her 90's and will occasionally have some FaceTime with my sister who lives in another state.

Loved, Clarice's red lipstick and Velma wearing the pendant. Really brought a smile to my face.

This had it all, humor, the serious issues of what happens in our twilight years, love and technology.

Great writing from start to finish.


Congratulations, Sherry, on winning 1st place in the Intermediate category. I'm so glad you are moving up to the Advanced division. I won't be surprised if this wins an EC award.

Touching story of two sisters reuniting over Skype. It reminds me so much of my dad's side of the family; two of my dad's sisters would phone or Skype weekly.

Typo: California.
Congratulations, Sherry, on your well deserved 3rd place EC award. I'm very happy for you.
Congratulations on your First Place in the Intermediate Level and your Third Place EC!!!! Well deserved.

Your portrayal of these two sisters was endearing from start to finish!

Blessings as you continue to bless us with your writing.
Congratulations, Sherry! I'm delighted, (and not at all surprised), to see this tender story place so well.
Sherry, The interaction between the two sisters was endearing. You painted a vivid picture with the word choices that were used.

Welcome to the advanced category and your EC award.
Congratulations, Sherry, on your EC 3rd place. Your story is delightfully written and the characters are totally believable. It's a touching story and told very well.
What a beautiful, touching story. Today's technology is amazing, and like the ladies in your story, I too find myself depending on my children to introduce me to it. I loved the way they got all fancied up for the visit. I felt like it was exactly what my grandmother would've done. Congratulations on the 3rd place finish!
Well done on a great story, Sherry. I especially loved that you brought a light-heartedness to your ending :)
I enjoyed your story all the way through its many entertaining layers.
Congratulations on your well deserved win.
Congratulations, Sherry, on winning the quarterly challenge. Your MCs dialogue and solution were brilliant.
This was so well written and touching. Brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations!
I love, love your story!
I enjoyed your story. Your dialogue is well orchestrated. Each comment kept me waiting for the response. I was touched by the message and reminded of the precious gift I have in life, love and family.
I liked this. I don't know much about Skype, but I could picture this--two elderly sisters chatting on something they had never heard of, and actually being able to see each other....Yes! You deserved to win...Thanks for your comment on my article..Helen