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I loved your story! The only thing I would have changed is the photograph they send every year of the Maple Trees...I would have had a rake in the Father's hand. (smile)...a lovely story and very well written! Oh, those memories...they never grow old! Great job!
I really like the timeline of this piece--you didn't tell in in chronological order, but you brought us back and then forward masterfully. I could easily visualize each setting, and I cared about the people--you did a great job, using few words!
Lovely memories here. Well done.
A simple, earthy, touching tale. Thanks and good job!
I like it. Good imagery, but it needs a little more drama, IMO, but it's a great story. Reminds me of the slew of tornadoes that came through AL in 1973.
Nice job on this story. Just yesterday I spoke with a woman who lost her home in a tornado this year. She said a new house can be built, but she really misses their trees.
Ok Miss Person of mechanics and stuff that I don't know anything about - did I miss something in the 2nd paragraph with the 'his' and then the 'us'?

I loved the reminiscent feel of this and how you wove the past and present together - the old and young. Very good job of writing and creativity! I enjoyed this!