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It talks about no more mountians either and I'm not sure I can live without them!
I could feel the sea in your words.
A cute poem, not topic strong, but very nice. Thanks!
I loved the rythm and rhyme of the first stanza! And when I read this aloud, you managed (very difficult to do) to pretty much carry it throughout!
No, this doesn't carry the theme of trees throughout but is a wonderful poem nevertheless. Good job! Looking forward to reading more of your poetry!
Good poem, good title.
It is a great poem! It did not seem to be related to the subject matter, and the title seemed a bit misleading, but I felt your idea of a perfect day!
Yes, I agree the Tree subject is sparse, but I can see your envy of the Coconut Palm - as it "LIVES by the sea"...and you don't - so in your imagination IT IS LUCKY.
Thus, the title.
Excellent read. The tree is lucky/blessed, it gets to experience many perfect days.
And the exercise continues...

When I read this poem, I thought a lot about how much the ocean means to me. I also thought about how much it means to other people. I have a brother who is about your age and one day we went to Jamestown, Rhode Island. He sat on a rock and for a few minutes I ceased to exist. He looked out at the ocen that had served as an inspiration to him for so many years and I just felt like he was communing with his God. He is a good and beautiful man and I love him dearly even if he DOES have more hair than his little brother.

Thanks for a nice trip down memory lane.