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Always fun to read about other cultures - you have survived well and lived to tell it. Thanks for sharing.
You have a lot of material here, which is great. However, I feel it might make this piece even better if you were to expound a little more with your response to each situation, giving your readers more of an experiential feel. Perhaps focus on fewer funny incidents? Just a suggestion.

I think you probably have enough material from your experiences over there to do an entire book on your cultural exploits and adventures in China. Funny stuff, keep up the great work!

Wow - you have enough material to fill a small book. Funny and interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

God bless~
What interesting experiences! It's always funny to see clashes and mistakes happen when two cultures meet.

I think many of these would be funnier if we heard more of their stories. (It's like hearing a punchline of a joke without the whole joke.)

I would like to hear more about you climbing into the wrong bunk and the cake fights.

I agree with the other comments. This needs to be made into a whole book, with each experience as a whole chapter.

Keep writing. You'll have that book someday.
Sounds like your time in China was huge fun. I agree with the others - this is crying out to be a book. I would certainly read it. Thank you for sharing.
This is great material, because it shows the sensitivity to make yourself the butt of your joke instead of mocking the culture that was so different for you.
Oh man...that was hilarious. Thank you for sharing those embarrassing moments. I would love to read a whole book of this story.

Number 14 had me absolutely howling. I have never done anything like that myself. Nope. Never. ;)
This is funny! I like number 10. Walked into restaurants and pointed at other peoples dishes to order our dinner.

- very familiar!
What an adventure, and I love how you could see humor in situations that must have been a tad frustrating. Congratulations on your 3rd Place. Great job!

God bless~
I would love to see this fleshed out into a book
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