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A few technical points to watch..the old lady hobbled 'down' the steps as you just had the boy bound down them and a few punctuation errors. Also I had a hard time envisioning the wheelchair up and down the steps..other than those few tech was written well with believable dialogue!:) Nice story!
Pretty good story, but with a few small glitches. That last line packs a punch, though. Well done.
Interesting story. Those ugly rumors spread fast in small towns and in even smaller minds. We all must strive to cut down malicious gossip where we find it. Thanks for sharing!
Glad the rumour got shot to pieces and the boys can spread the good news about the old 'witch'. Delightful little story.
This story had a very good moral lesson. That last paragraph is excellent! Sad that parents and other adults promote the suspicion in their children's minds. Happens in a small town alot. The fourth paragraph bothered me a little, but it is the way youth think: that they are 'entitled' to things like Halloween candy, that someone owes them.
Watch your puctuation. In a few places the quotation marks were missing or misplaced.
Overall, a good story for October to counter the spook stories that abound.