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Too funny. I love how their little plan backfired. What a great lesson packed in a delightful little story.
I truly am delighted by this story. You did a wonderful job of creating a sense of mystery that propels the reader to continue reading. Your characters are a hoot and you did a nice job of building them in such a short amount of words. It's a great take on the topic yet it is still creative and fresh. It is funny how kids can hear things in their own special way. Once I was explaining to my daughter how I was sick with a chronic illness. Worried she asked me if I was going to die. Reassuring her I told her that you die when you get very sick and the doctors can't help you get better. Well weeks passed and one day she had a fever of 103 and asked me if she was sick. I replied that she was very sick and suddenly I had a 5 yo sobbing and screaming I don't want to die. It took me a minute but then I realized why she was so upset. Your story took me back to that age of innocence when adults need to watch every word around kids. You did a fabulous job on this story and it was a "delicious" read!
This will have an impact on those who read it as the message it conveyed is one that is well worth telling.
Nicely done. Thanks.
God bless~
Congrats! God bless~