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Your article reminds us all how short life is and that we never know when our grave flowers will bloom. We also need to be able to look past our frustrations to see the other person's world. Words hurt and can't be taken back and can destroy a friendship. I'm glad that your characters were able to save their friendship. Do did a great job building your characters.
I'm glad your character could find roses. Your point about the funeral flowers blooming today was very thought provoking. If I could make one suggestion it would be to work on your dialogue. It felt a little stilted to me. Other than that, I believe you did a good job on this piece.
I loved the message you were conveying here (even though I wanted to throttle Dave for being so unforgiving.) :-)

I agree about the dialogue feeling a little stilted. Try to keep it relaxed, just like you talk every day. Overall, a nice job. Keep writing!
This is a great story about life. It seems silly how grown adults can get worked up over the silliest little things in life. This is a great life lesson and a reminder we may all need from time to time.
This entry was a timely reminder that we all could use. Wonderful message and nicely done. God bless~