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I love this poem , its flowing, simple yet poetically neat , catchy and it deserves recognition and its got mine.God bless and keep the good stuff coming.
Good rhythm and beat, some syntax problems in stanza one and three. Consider in stanza one making it 8 lines. The question and quotes are unnecessary. The unorderly rhyme simply adds to the charm.
Good overall flow, and a quality effort.
blessings - dub
I agree that this is a very charming poem. I'd add that "my" and "friend" do not need to be capitalized, nor do you need the all-caps on the last line.

All in all, a sweet affirmation of faith.
Without a doubt, my friend, there is a BIG, BEAUTIFUL GOD loving us every minute of the day:) I'm glad you know that too!
Amen, I think the title goes well with your poem and thoughts. Nice job! God bless ya, littlelight
A lovely heart-felt poem; I would certainly agree with Dub and Jan, but this captures the beauty of God's love nicely. God bless.
One thing is that it's great it was short. I like easy, fun poems like this and if I was rating poetry this would be up there.
It was fun. It was true.
And it made me SOOO happy to read!
Frightening words in the OT ... having eyes, they do not see. Your poem captured so well that truth, for surely, His presence speaks everywhere, would we but listen.
Beautiful thoughts here, and the whole thing feels to me like a song. Great job!

By the way, if you visit the message board, and go to the hints page under the 'writing challenge' section, you'll see why lots of people know who writes what usually from 3-4 days before the results come out :-)
This is beautifully written. It brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for commenting on my piece, A Precious Jewel.
Lovely poem. How can anyone not know.
I started at the first entry I could find and I must say I picked a winner. I'm not looking at anyone else's comments...I just want to let the message speak for itself. Your message in this poem was "on point". My little brother and I (He's an atheist) have been having this conversation for a L O N G time. I site the same things that you do but he just doesn't seem to "get it". On top of that, I was impressed with the fact that you didn't have to struggle with rhyme or meter. It flowed beautifully.

Doing some browsing of old challenge articles and came on this. It is a wonderful poem. I'm so glad I read it. Such a beautiful truth here.
this was well crafted, i really loved the lily part, and also the fact that you never mentioned God at the end by asking the Question "is there God" or answering it directly.
beautiful. cheers izzy