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Awesome perspective! I really enjoyed your article. I could see the whole scene unfolding. Very well written!
Even today, people have "hard" heads. But, like the kindly Father He is, He tearfully disciplines us, hoping that we will learn our lesson without further chastisement. You know a "hard" head truly does make a "soft" behind. Ouch! Thanks for sharing.
A cool re-telling of a great story. Well done.
I love reading the biblical stories put forth like this! Thank you!
Great re-telling of this well-known story. I loved the way you introduced it. I thought at first 'papa' was Moses, then Joshua, then finally Caleb. I did feel though that the second to last paragraph interrupted the flow when 'papa' tells the children what God said. Perhaps you could rephrase this paragraph or omit it all together. Just my thoughts - and I often get it wrong. But well done.
Very real characters, Caleb with his burden for those he couldn't convince, children who want to listen to the same story again and again. Well done.
You set the scene really well. I agree about the paragraph where he relates what God said to not be quite how I'd express it to a child. Still, it is a very good entry. Well done!
I enjoyed this! Very well done!!!
Very cool perspective. And the kids questions and expressions were great.
Great job! I liked it!
Great story, loved it. Guess I'm tired, I had to go back again to see the 'fruit.' Am anxious to read more from you.