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Wow, that was intense! You grabbed my heart write out of the gate and took it on a wild ride. Very scary and I must admit it was a little uncomfortable reading that one because you did such an excellent job of conveying the person's growing anxiety. I'm all about happy endings though and it was hard to read at the end because there was no resolution.
Wow! Very well written but a tough read for me. I live in HOT Phoenix, AZ and we have a baby/child or two every summer that dies from being left in a car. It is a very real situation here. You did an excellent job of conveying the mother's assumption that only a few minutes wouldn't hurt, then her growing anxiety. Good writing!
This tugged at my heart strings. A tense emotinal time. You held me attention from beginning to end but was little Sarah okay. Good job and keep writing.
I was in the post office with that lady and my heart was in my throat. Good writing. Thanks.
gosh! this was a very well told story and so atmospheric! such a dramatic ending too!
What a powerful reminder not to leave children or pets in the car unattended. I hope Sarah was not another statistic.