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The MC gave this story a feel of authenticity with the different directions his mind went as he tried to be inspired about something he wasn't interested in. And the ending was just right. For me, this was a cute, enjoyable and entertaining entry.
Another hilarious entry in level 2! My! I'm among the "neurotic" bunch. You held up me laughing all the way through. :) :) :)Good job.
I too liked the humor and your title grabbed me, as I am a huge fan of The Wizard of OZ!
What an enjoyable story. I chuckled from beginning to end and you brought it all together beatifully.
As a teacher I have to assign writing assessments to my students 3 times a year. The kids are required to write to a given prompt. I wonder how many of them wrestle with thoughts just like these? It gives me pause, that's for sure.
It's just not students who carry on like this. I've had my share of "I-don't-know-what-to-write-itis" on numerous of challenges. Thanks for the good laugh, the story was fun to read.
When I homeschooled my children I read lots of journal entries with a similar sentiment!
Very fun!
A very fun read! Great job, Joanney!
What fun! I have seen many a student sitting at their desk, pulling their hair and chewing on a pencil. I know this is very much like what they are thinking.
Joanney, this a cute story. I like the ending, just when you get "it", something else comes upl

This was a lot of fun to read! Even though I always had my students do "free-writing" when I taught composition, I always wondered (secretly) if it was really a good way to generate ideas. I think I would have about this much success if I tried to write about giraffes off the top of my head. Enjoyed this!
A fun read with a realistic feel. Good writing.
Very creative...and I learned interesting things about giraffes and lions! Good job~
Ah, this was good! You capture the voice so well
Very well written and funny too. I didn't know much about giraffes or lions until I read this. Thank you.
Very cute. Really felt the "student voice" was believable. Good job.