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Way cool! You nailed the teen conversation angle and the subject was so awesomely trendy!
This not only was well written, entertaining, informative but very very CRAFTY!!!!!! Well worthy of the top line up!
This is great! I think it's a winner. I'm so tired of all the hoop-la over Twilight & other vampire stories that even Christians are into, that this was most refreshing!
I, too, enjoyed this piece. You are either a teenager yourself, or have a great understanding of them. Good job!
This just became required reading for my two teenage daughter's. It's my bet they will want to read from you in the future, without Dad over their shoulder.
Great humorous dialogue and so topical. Well done!
What a story. This held my attention from beginning to end. I loved how you went from vampires drinking blood to the blood of Christ. Keep writing and God bless.
Great title, and your MC makes some really good points.

Having taught teens for 30 years, I found some of the dialog somewhat unrealistic--like an idealized way of how kids really talk.

Loved the final "dig"--this was an entertaining story.
That rocks! Entertaining and well written...thanks for sharing!
Fun take on the topic. Great writing, good angle. I had a bit of difficulty with the dialog also--perhaps a little stiff for teens? But well done, really.
Dialogue was kind of stiff in places but overall good job.
Nicely done. I agree that the conversation seemed a bit stiff or stilted but the message came through beautifully. Thanks and keep the ink coming.