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Well written. You got my attention right away so that you could keep me engaged to make your point. And you are so right!
Excellent depiction of anger's power. My mother use to tell my son, "Anger keeps you from seeing straight." The message really came home to him during a visit with her when, in anger, he spun around and running into the breadboard, put quite a gouge into his arm. Now 28, he still refers to that occassion...and never fails to say, upon remembrance, "anger keeps you from seeing straight"
Thanks for a vivid illustration of that tremendous truth.

Very gentle lesson on out-of-control anger. Lovely to read.
This was well written. God bless you.
Nice read! I like the opening with dialog. When it switches from dialog to your feelings it would be better to show more than tell but it was a good entry and nice flow.
Anger does prevent us from seeing straight. It was good that as a young girl you learnt to deal with your anger. Many grownups don't. Good story.