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It was a nice story,would like to know more.
An intersting story and kept my attention as you built it up. I got slightly thrown by the changes back and forward but it kept me concentrating!
What a gripping story. It held my attention and I had to continue reading to find out what happened. Thank you.
You have a lot of words here, and most in succinct order, but your story is so jumbled I could not follow it. Maybe it's just me, at one point the MC is on the plane the next she's cleaning the boarding area, then at the end she's looking at the blue book she found, and a very abrupt end. Needs more transition for easier read. If I have to read it 3 times it needs work.
Sorry, I did read it thru again, and saw there was 2 voices here, excuse me, now it makes sense. You can smack me later. Although the end was left open.
I like this story thank your for sharing how God is in control and we need to just keep moving forward. Who knows God may even use a total stranger to protect out hearts and we may never know it. I loved the switch between characters. Thanks.