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Oh my goodness hon, how bittersweet and beautiful this is! The memory, descriptions and the comparisons are just amazing. Wow! My eyes were filling with tears as though I am the daughter, losing my mom earlier this year has been so painful. However, I know my mom, though older in years, is a beautiful forever youthful bride now and her groom is loving on her as she waits for the rest of her family to meet her. How lovely is this precious piece. God bless you hon. I didn't know if you chose this piece because of firsthand experience or someone you knew who went through this. If you have gone through this my heart breaks and feels for your loss. Praise the Lord for his mercy and grace and for giving us a chance to have our own "wedding" once we reach that golden city. Keep up this wonderful work.:0))
Anyone who has lost a young child or grandchild can recognize and empathize with the grief you described so well. Thank you for the hope you included at the end.
This was a very sad piece but it did not have anything to do with the winter season. True it dealt with the coldness of losing a child and how it drained lifes warmth from your heart, mind and body but Christ is your strength and in times such as death you lean on Jesus. He is our sustainer.