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This is a cute children's story. Many kids would enjoy these characters.
This is very cute!

Not being from the UK, I'm not sure if there's political satire here, or just a delightful children's story...but if it's not satire of the actual UK on the map (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), it might be a bit off-topic.

But it was very fun to read, and I'd love to see it illustrated in pastel watercolors.
This was fun to read. It would be a great kid's story.
Amusing take on the theme. I like the way that the royals are all predators and the dissenters (if not actual republicans) are potential prey. I too didn't see any allegory here. I was also a little confused how come the animals were citizens of the United Kingdom yet they have to travel TO the United Kingdom to see the king. Doesn't sound too united to me! Thanks for the smile
Love the tone, very good writing.