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Very well said.

Anger discovers the strangest targets, doesn't it. It's always a loaded bow, and it seldoms misses a target...even if not the target aimed at.
You painted us a vivid picture. Nice work.
This piece is very well written. It hits the target well.
I found myself wanting to know more about these people. I wanted to know who "they" were, you know, the ones that always called it witchcraft. I wanted to know what had happened in the house.

And when I found out, my heart broke for his wife. An adulterous spouse is a good source from which anger springs forth. Good story.
Good title. Good point. The anger from betrayal is deep and painful. I liked the bow and arrow and target analogy.
Wow! God bless you.
This is excellent. I'm having a hard time telling you how good I think it is. The adjectives I normally use are inadequate. I'm with Deborah, "Wow!"

One suggestion. It is much easier to read these articles if you leave spaces betwen your paragraphs. I was almost turned off before I read by the format. I'm glad I didn't miss this, though!