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I thoroughly enjoyed Frieda's intent not to see those puppies and the title line as well as her follow-up declaration for her choice. I had a little trouble transitioning from the present to the info about Simon's choice for dachshund as best family pet to the flashback bringing me to the present. On the other hand, statements like "It should be the state dog, no, the national dog. Better yet, the international dog" were quite delightful. Great ending as well.
Who can resist free puppies?
This was enjoyable and your title is so perfect.

Loved how she justified her decision, great job.
Being a person who grew up with a mini daschund and now loves golden retrievers I really liked this story, even though I was thoroughly confused several times. I enjoyed the ending especially.
A thoroughly enjoyable story - well told.
After reading the first line five or six times, I still didn't get it; guess I'm dense...but glad I navigated further, for it was a really delightful read; enjoyable, witty, entertaining and I give you a "Kudos!" Great Job!
I too read the first line several times but couldn't quite understand it...HOWEVER, I'm glad I kept reading because the rest of the story was entertaining. The title was very appropriate. Loved the husband's response at the end as well.
I agree with the earlier statements about the almost inscrutable opening line, but the rest was indeed great. I especially loved the MC's challenges to the family about some choices they had made, and the humorous last lines. Good job overall.
Congratulations on your Placing, my friend! I'm glad the Judges saw it as I did...(*.*)! Kudos!
Congratulations on placing 38th overall with this entry, Lisa!
Great story from beginning to end Lisa. Very clever that you started off with a 'gnawing fact' rather than a gnawing dog.

You built the story line by line, drawing me along with your wonderful descriptions and the final line “No, not without inflicting major damage.” had me grinning like a fool as I pictured a Golden Retriever or Labrador draped around her husbands neck.

A story well-worthy of the Highly Commended you received.