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A perfect title! Enjoyed the story and the education.
Fascinating! I really appreciated Chris's sensitivity to his friend (even though I knew he'd be springing for dessert!)
I like how you provided small details about climbing throughout the story without breaking the flow of the conversation. Nice example on topic and love the title. Enjoyable read.
Very good.
Excellent work! You told the story in such a way that it felt like I was right there next in line to climb! I also learned a lot about rock climbing through this work. Way to weave education into your storytelling. That is not easily done. Way to go!

This is an excellent illustration of how Jesus is our anchor! No matter how experienced we think we might be, we ALWAYS need Him. Without Him, we sink. With Him, we rise! Keep up the great work. May the Lord continue to bless others through your writing.
One of my favorite things about this entry is that you managed to hit the message of the proverb while STILL putting a deeper meaning of the faith in there.

This about sums it up: "Climb on! Keep focused on the next hold," Chris advised, "not looking too far ahead, and especially not back down."

Oh, that we could learn this as we live in step with the Spirit each day. Well done.

As someone who has done some repelling and knows first hand what a belay is, this is first rate writing. A great tie in analogy to the challenge this week and an awesome message to boot.
I have to chuckle at those two friends. Thier frienship is close enough to trust with a Belay line and the ending with desert, well, that cinched the characters for me. I liked the dialouge between them and the very vivid descriptions of climbing. ^_^
Not knowing a thing about climbing, I thought the title was a typo at first, but you cleared that up beautifully within the story. Great characters and an easy, friendly rapport between the friends made this an enjoyable read.
I like this one! It reads like a skit....or a play
What a neat article - very well written with a good strong beginning and a neat little ending. Your knowledge of climbing was very good and I liked how you used something familiar to make your point. Nice work.
I want to thank our son, Barry, for patiently being interviewed for the climbing details of this story. This is the first story I stretched to write beyond my personal experience, and the warm reception from so much kind and encouraging feedback has spurred me to continue to research new topics for authentic storytelling.