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Excellent. Didn't see the end coming. I liked the flow and it felt very real. Good work.
Oh the trauma of adolescence! With great skill you've shown us three very different hearts and therefore this piece is able to minister to all - convicting the attacker, giving hope to the victim, and inspiring the Christian to be like Jesus! Great work!
I think Crista said it all. I concur. I would have liked to know what "dark book" Tessa was reading.
This is a winner in my book! This has the makings of a novel -- I would like to see more of Messy Tessie! Superb job! Blessings, Cheri
Wow! This was a well-told story. I read with interest from beginning to end. Tessa was a strong character, likeable, vulnerable and you could see strength beginning to develop. Danny was also a convincing character. It is true, this would make a wonderful series of middle school books. Nicely done.
Had me interested from beginning to end. Wasn't expecting that particular ending which was a bonus. Good job!
GREAT READ!! There are many girls like Tessa, wish there were more like Danny! Great job!
Good story line. Your dialogue was believable. One thing you might want to watch for is the viewpoint. You switched from Tessa's to Danny's a couple times. But I recognize the effort and thought you put into this story. Good job!
Blessings, Lynda
Great Job and a solid message. Enjoyable read!
Thoroughly enjoyed this story. Believable characters and nice surprise at the end!
Well done - good read - good ending!
Applauding from his chair, this one had me from the first line. Great job.
This transported me back to the cruel world of peer-pressure intense teenagers. The way you showed what a difference our faith makes was beautiful. And CONGRATULATIONS on winning!!!!!
Wow! I don't know how I missed reading this last week but a big, belated BRAVO! I was one of those unpopular kids who tended toward the dark side and really could have used a faithful voice from one of my peers. I teach Sunday School for young teens at our church and I would like to read your story with them. I feel there is a core Christian value presented here and young and old alike will be blessed by it. Congratulations and God bless you, Debbie!
Fabulous, Debbie! I agree with above comments, especially Crista's. This story held it's momentum straight through to the last word with depth and clarity, leaving room for the reader's imagination to fill in between the lines. Great job! Congratulations!!!! --
Congratulations on your excellent win Debbie. If you haven't already realized it, it's time to move up to Level 3. You're more than ready for it. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Wow, Debbie, that was AMAZING! Your story was beautiful and moving and so powerful! Reading a story like that is like seeing your own self, your own life in a new and stirring way.
regards in Christ
Seeing you on the boards today made me realize I never congratulated you on your awesome win!! Beautiful story and great writing. A terrific accomplishment! You keep goin', girl!
Love, Jo