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Great job with dialog and description (especially the beginning part). LOVE the verse, too. It is so true that we learn so much about encouraging when we have been encouraged ourselves. Some of your "you know" paragraph seemed a bit "telly" rather than "showy," but that could be me. Characterization was particularly strong.
Yes, yes, yes! Such an important lesson here! I wish everyone would take heed!

The first half was slightly more compelling than the second, which seemed to lose just a bit of steam. But altogether, the story is well-written, compelling and important.

By the way--yes, yes, yes!
I loved your opening. It drew me into the story.

Somehow that emotion didn't carry throughout the piece. Overall it was well-written.
Now I liked this. Had flashes of excellence. Very good storyline that held my interest. Great overall job, Ann.
God bless.
Great title for this. You've woven a good lesson into this story for the reader. The distress of your main character was portrayed well. Very nice writing!
I love the lesson here, and I enjoyed reading this.
"Quicker to listen and slower to speak." Many of us need this reminder. I enjoyed reading this. Well done.
I like that you emphasized being kind to both kinds of encouragers! It is true that sometimes, the long-winded speeches do grate on the nerves, but it's a good idea to find the concern and care behind all the words. Good story, and a great reminder to be gentle while others are suffering ill health.
Amen and amen! Love the title and the story itself...