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Just a few pointers. Watch your capitalization, I noticed a few places (I'm sure they were typos, though) that you missed a capital here and there ("honey,..."). Also, your paragraphs were a little TOO broken up in my opinion. When you're on the same thought, you typically stay within one paragraph.

Other than that, I really liked this piece. You use some good strong word choices, and the content is great -- right on topic!
Yes, God's oceans have a calming effect.
This is a very good entry. It is a shame that spellcheck doesn't read our minds. A couple of words "form and clam" I am sure were suppose to be "From and calm" if not then this takes on a whole new meaning. :) Anyway, keep up the good work and write on.
The ocean can be so ferocious, and so calming. This is a nice devotional piece. I especially like the way you used the dolphins at the end. Nice job.
Thank You SO much for this article. My heart is beaten black and blue from worrying about business. My bride of 15 years has been trying to help me "let it go" but until today, I couldn't. This piece may have done the trick.