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Interesting take on our cross bearing.
I like it! I agree with your philosphy 100% and I am not a big fan of philosphy. I'm glad that the Bible says to study to show yourself approved, not the theologians. I think you have went deeper than what is on the surface with the words suffer and cross. Good Job.
"oops misspelled philosophy, told you I am not a fan"
It's not easy to follow the road that Christ followed. Our human ways struggle to be forgiving, to not be vengeful, and humble in our walk. It's good to be reminded that Christ will be with us to help do what's right.
Perhaps the concept of redemption is helpful when difficult circumstances come;
Lying on the floor with a suspected broken ankle, I prayed whaat was for me an unusual prayer, that whatever the outcome, God would use it to His glory. And God answered that prayer beyond my imagining, particularly through my neighbour who visited each day, and took on my cleaning. This year, she has qualified as a Social Worker!
I like the angle of "what did he mean by that?" questioning. It tends to create a confusing circular appearing logic, that leads you to something bigger than you thought was there. You presented it nicely.