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Well written.

Santa Clauses and flashing lights to a crowded ‘pleasure parlour’ where we’d reserved a smoky dance room. My friends danced, sang karaoke and partied all night! In the minds of many, that’s Christmas.

Sounds like the Bless Me Church.

It is so sad that so many here the USA and around the world miss the meaning of Christmas.

At the same time it is great to know that thousands of people still celebrate the birth of Christ and give Him their life, no matter what it may cost them personaly.

Great article! You should send this in to Christianity Today.
I was happy to read that so many in China - the most populated country in the world - celebrate Christmas. Perhaps in time more and more people will get the true message of Xmas and then 'every knee shall bow'. Thanks for sharing this very interesting article.
Fascinating look at a growing Chinese, christmas culture. Despite the 'commercial' aspects it's great to hear that the gospel is being preached in a communist country.
Good work Suzanne! You've described the atmosphere there really well (and I should know :P), and I like the way you always wrap it up with a good message at the end.