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It is always interesting to get a glimpse into the traditions and cultures of other people. Your article was interesting. Thank you.
I also love these insights into other cultures and ways. It's great to know that Christmas is still celebrated so thoroughly in Trinidad and Tobago. May God use the Christians to keep that message going out loud and clear, as people of all different faiths celebrate.

I love the content and the title, linking in with the way you finish with the sad effects of urbanization meaning isolation. One thing that would have made it even better for me (speaking as a complete amateur) would be to describe the sensations as well as the facts e.g. the taste of the cake, the noise of the children's excitement etc. Just a thought.

Well done. Maybe this could go to a magazine that focuses on overseas work, in plenty of time to be published at Christmas.
Phyllis, your entries are always interesting. I hope you'll keep entering the Challenge for a long time to come. Just a reminder though - make sure that you always remove your name from the bottom of your entries. If I catch it, I take it off (as I've done with your "Mothers" entry this week as well). But it's a problem when the judges see it before I've had a chance to remove it, as the entries are meant to be anonymous. You can leave the date the entry was written on the bottom, but all references to author have to be removed from the body of your work. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)