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Wonderful tribute to a husband.
This is beautiful. I wish I had come up with something like this for my husband. Wonderful.
Watching the clock until "his" car pulled in is what I missed the most when my husband died. And it is the time of day I again look forward to since I've remarried. You've captured those small, day by day moments in a marriage that make life very sweet. Nice job.
This is just TOO sweet! *sniff* Any man should be proud to be cherished like this by the woman who matters most. I love it.
You captured my heart completely with this. It expresses exactly how I feel about my husband! Great writing!
Wonderful. Well written. What a treasure you have.
This is a very nice poem I also see it as a wonderful metaphor for Jesus Christ I feel blessed to be "the bride of Christ"
Very lovely. I could hear your heart. Nice!
Very well written, I enjoyed reading this.
Being a romantic at heart, I really liked this. Super job. God bless.
Hi Esther, I wanted to stop by after I caught your brick... Beautiful tribute to your husband!
One thought for critique: watch your rhymes, some of them sound a bit forced.
Keep up the good work!
A loving tribute!
Wow! Feeling bad about the times I've failed as a hubby after reading that. Better not show this one to my wife! :-)
This is just lovely - what a wonderful tribute!
Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. He has a wonderful wife, too, for you to honor him this way. This is very sweet and nicely done.
Aww...very sweet!