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I couldn't agree more with your sentiments! We are to be thankful when God gives us what we want, but He doesn't always and that isn't to change our attitude towards him. You made your point very clearly through three very real-to-life examples. You also held my attention beginning to end. Well done! Thanks for posting this.
The vignettes in this story grow from small requests to big ones. There’s someone there we can all identify with. I’m with Mary. I used to hide behind my hair. You give us just the information we need and then you move on. Some things to watch for, especially when your struggling to keep to a word limit. ‘Mary’s response to the answered prayer request’ and ‘said Harry’ are obsolete because they are understood in the text and/or dialogue. Watch out for repletion of descriptive words close to each other. You use breathed in consecutive sentences. But hey, that’s just me being picky. This was a great read.
Liz sounds just like me with my keys! My roommate can tell you all about the frantic minutes I spend before heading off to class trying to locate those buggers. lol

And I can sort of identify with the couple, too - 'cept it's my brother, not a skin disease, and he's still alive now...

Awesome read. :-)
This was one of my favorites this week. I love the way you demonstrated that praying and being thankful to God for little things is just as meaningful as it is for big things. In fact, I think that if we fail to pray and praise over the little things we'll never have faith for the big ones. Great work!