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Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it.
God bless, Karri
I enjoyed your trip through memories past and hope for what's yet to come. The bit about coffee is a nice touch. Good job.
Very nice article. Such growth in just 10 years. You show wisdom in your loneliness and in your longing.

I liked the lines:
"Everything is different and yet nothing has changed" It is very insightful.

"After you've failed, life goes on". Failure doesn't mean that we must stop striving. We need to get up and continue down this road.

Nicely done.
Great work Suzanne. I particularly like this piece, cos it tells so much and yet does it really descriptively and poetically (if that's how you spell poetically :P), and inspires through showing how human you are. I rate this one right up there with the Red Jumper piece you did.
Suzanne this shows me your heart in a powerful way. this is a wonderful entry and I believe it should be a winner. Are you ready to move up to level three?
What a wonderful testimony of service to our Lord and the people of China my friend. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him and His people. With love from your Australian Friend Marcell, now on my own journey amongst the nations.
Love the title! Concise insight into your life in China and at home. It's always good to be reminded that it doesn't matter where you are - home or away -it's Who you walk with that makes the difference.