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This is so intense! You grabbed me right away from the front and didn't let go until the 'surprise' ending. Wow! There was so much emotion and feeling in this-wonderfully done!
A highly emotional piece. Nicely done. I felt every emotion of the girl. Nice title too.
This was an emotional piece and I couldn't wait to see the test result! There were a few sentences that were a bit complex.It might add more clarity if they were shortened.
I really liked this. It was well written, but what set it apart for me is that you didn't just "tell" the "showed" us. You didn't reveal too much too soon....Great job!
This is VERY well-written--you put us right inside your narrator's head, and have us hanging on every word.

Consider giving it a new title, though, as the one you have now telegraphs the ending. You've written a very suspenseful story, and you don't want the readers to know the ending until the narrator does.

I enjoyed this a great deal.
Excellent! It took me awhile to figure out what she was doing, but once I did I was with you all the way. A good story and a very realistic look at the inside of her mind. Well done!
This brought remembered tears to my eyes. I can so relate - I have been there.

You did such a fantastic job on this! What a gem. I loved the husband's simplified version. ;)

So well done - I really hope it does well.

Menopause may be a nuisance but I have my princess. ;)
Exceptional, moving, well crafted. Involved me from start to finish. Great job. God bless.
(ya did it again) Whoo hoo! You go girl! ^_^
This is great!:0) I can relate to this so well too. Brought a warm feeling as I remember the tender moments when we were waiting patiently excited and nervous. Isn't God good, he knows what we can use in our lives,doesn't He? Keep up the writing, you are so silled and do such an awesome job. God bless. Janice +-
When I went to say skilled I typoed or just tripped over my fingers,one of the two,grin. You truly are gifted at writing hon. Lord bless your gifts good as he already has.:0))In Christ, janice
Nice article. By coincidence two of my fellow Nurses were talking about the same thing. One of the Nurses actually called the 800 number after seeing two blue lines and asked them what they meant :)

I pictured her during reading this.

Congratulations (X2? - the chanllenge writing and - ?).

God bless and keep writing.
This is really a wonderful story. Such love and trust in God over a very personal situation. I felt your pain and happiness. Good job.