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I enjoyed your tapestry.
Lovely image of a tapestry woven through with friendship. The descriptions of friends/memories were rich.
The best tapestries are made with the best fibers. We must choose our fibers (friends) carefully. This was a beautiful article. I enjoyed it.
What a brilliant description of friendship !
I was hypnotized by your writing from the title to the end. Marvelous!
Beautiful piece. And remember God is weaving from above. All we see is the underside. And if you think that looks beautiful, wait till you view it from God's vantage point. It will blow you away. Great piece!
Your ink-filled needle has threaded a most lovely design! What an exceptional choice of fabric you have used. This story will remain well-worn for years to come. I can only imagine what the finished product shall look like. How exciting. - Nancy
Hi there dear Suzanne. I probably won't get to do this every week, but I'll try to do it as often as I can. I really just wanted to let you know that "The Tapestry" made it into the semi-finalist list for the Friendship Challenge. Be encouraged - you were right up there with the winners. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)
Suzanne, this is terrific! God once gave me a dream about life being like a tapestry. Mine was more focused on the way God weaves all things, good and bad, together to create something beautiful.

I love this article. The tapestry was a wonderful way to illustrate the way we relate to each other and the impressions we leave on the lives of others.

Great work! :)
Well done Suzanne, this was an intricate piece.