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Interesting piece. I enjoyed it.
Very good. The dialog flowed smoothly and really helped to move the story along. I loved the character Mrs. Swanson - what a wonderful illustration of Christlikeness. Enjoyed it!
I love the title. I'd also love to forward it to my new boss ('green and mean' in every sense) but I don't think she'd appreciate it! Nor a quiet word in the ears of the 'big boss'. I really enjoyed this piece because I could relate to it so well. Thanks.
Excellant writing! Very up to date and necesary reading for the corporate business world these days! Could it be the beginnings of a good book?
I loved the simple story here, the reminder to think humble, to see the others around you and the voice of power who didn't critizize for lack of results but for lack of patience.
Excellent example of how a wise person sees leadership and how a person with only a sheepskin in his hand sees it. One wonders what rolemodel Joe's father has set. Thanks for allowing us to see that secretary's can possess wisdom that comes with age and also look beyond a flaws of a younger person and see their potential. May we all have a Mrs. Swanson in our life. Good story, writen well.
Cheri, this is AWESOME! I loved it on my first read, and love it even more having read it again. What a model Christian secretary. Having been in her position, I know how hard it is to do the right thing. Not to take the critical outburst personally and pray for your attacker.

Your writing is excellent. The dialouge is natural, the description rich...everything as it should be. Great job!
We need more Susan's in the workplace. Outstanding piece! What a talent the Lord has bestowed upon you! Congrats!!- Nancy
Cheri, Congratulations on your 2nd place in the Level 2 Champion Challenge and 5th place in the Editor's Choice. if you didn't already know it, I'd be saying it now - next quarter it's time to move on up into Level 3. You've more than earned the right to be there. Well done. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)
I loved this story, Cheri. A great take on the topic and a blessing to read. I love a happy ending. This is a story that deserves to be in print. Congratulations. In Christ's name,Karen
A great example of God's undeserved favor. Good story representing the awesome love and mercy of God for someone needing polishing around the edges.