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I loved this one! What a great perspective on this story of human interest and intrigue. You set the story perfectly, beginning with soft nuances and secret glances. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
I liked this story from the viewpoint of one of the hypocritical men. Good job of showing that Jesus had it totally under control. We recently had a sermon on this passage. It would be interesting to know what Jesus was writing in the sand. Good work.
I love this! What a shrewd way to illustrate the concept! Shrewdness can be good or bad, and you showed both sides! Nice job! God bless, Cheri
Well done on taking an old story and giving it such a fresh approach through the eyes of one we do not usually focus on.
I just wanted to say that this was an intriguing read. You captured the heart of this story and let us feel how hard it was for the ones around him to accept his compassion.
Wow! Excellent and creative writing. What a wonderful hope - the accuser might have repented.
I was totally caught up with the action, the furtiveness and the conviction as the Teacher's words struck home to the main character. Well done, Debbie, in bringing this passage to life and making us readers stop and think!
Wonderful storytelling, Debbie, with a unique, creative angle. Excellent job with progression and holding interest: riveting!