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I LOVE your use of colloquialism in this story - it just makes the portrayal so much more realistic (there were a couple places where the language was too "standard" in my opinion, but not enough to take away from the charm.). I also love how you wove biblical truth into this piece. Great work!
I loved this entry - one of my favourites. I don't think you're going to be sitting in the Beginner's Lounge for long!
Super story! I agree that there were a few places where the "accent" got lost, but hey … you are a braver soul than I am to try it! I loved it! Good job.
Very nice! I can appreciate the challenges of writing a piece like this. You did well to represent the theme in your story. Overall a strong story that I hope does well.
God Bless.
This is wonderful. Very good job of bringing the language and the image of slavery to mind. You keep writing like this and you won't be in beginners very long. Superb!
This is awesome! I love this and can see it doing very well! I agree -- you won't be a Beginner for long! Wonderful, wonderful story! God bless! :)
I just wanted to enocurage you. I was a judge last week and was utterly amazed at this piece. I believe the only reason why you didn't win was because the level of competition is extremely difficult. More so than any of the other levels. I think this will definately be in the top 40 and you should check out the message boards and see what place it came in. I know it will be higher than many advanced and even masters placing. You have great talent and potential and I look forward to reading more from you!

God Bless,
Hi Andrea, I judged for this topic too. This piece is wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.