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I loved the title and I loved the illustration of the sheep jumping off the cliff!
Having raised sheep from childhood to adult I do hate calling them dumb...however that out of my system, I enjoyed your article and it was well written. We are very much like them in many more ways than I care to admit, but there it is in God's word.Just like those sheep we are in need of a good shepherd and praise God we have one!Great writing! Keep at it!
You wrote well and definitly hit on the topic! Good beginning paragraph too!
Great job with this! It was so uplifting to read such a well-developed resume of God's abundances toward us!

Your opening is nice and strong (even if some may disagree about the I.Q. of sheep!). Your thought progression is well- constructed, and your style has a good, natural voice.

Unquestionably, you're a gifted devotional writer. What else do you write? I'm looking forward to more!
Great visual in the beginning--way to hook your readers! Watch out for spelling: "herd" of sheep. Very well-written devotional.
Allison, yours was the first beginners I looked for. For the life of me I was unable to get your hint. Then in the end when I reread your hint I remembered seeing Abundawonderful Life and knew it had to be yours. Thanks for sharing this story. We sure have an Abundawonderful Life. It would be Abundaly Wonderaly if you won seeing as how you were right on topic.