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Enjoyed reading it.
what a powerful description you paint her of the woman Jesus could forgive and give a new spirit. It may me stop and realize how even more powerful the story was, things I never thought about before. I mean, it wasn't just the miracle of forgiviness, it was the ability to touch her heart, to make her care that she was forgiven. You made her struggle real.
Im a bit puzzled by the ending. It seems to me almost that you knew you had a really good submission going, became intimidated, or afraid, or something, and you lost your confidence and decided to quickly end it. I would have loved to see where this proceeded to. It has strength and a geniune flavor to it. It just doesn't feel complete.

A great read, thanks for posting.
A good rendition of this story. I never really paid much attention to the details about the woman's life only that Jesus knew all about her and effected a change in her.