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Nice...but what does it have to do with spring?
Know that conversation! Spring as a season gets lost or moves to spring as a verb. Fun read, anyway.
This was funny, and actually, I thought the same thing when I saw the topic!! Loved the title--it said it all--and the "moral of the Story" was a blessing as well. I'd be inclined to pick this one.
Yes yes and yes ! That's what I like in a writer. Writing about the writing you are supposed to be writing about and then having it presented as the writing itself, that's just beautiful. Its not about spring as such, but it mentions spring clearly and suggests an even more pro found subject " Jesus' love". I love it . God bless your writing and keep it coming. PS having written about the winter topic just recently, spring was really pushing this whole seasonal writing eh.(lol)
I like this! Simple, but ver creative. It caught my attention and left me still thinking after I was done...well said.
Unique and amusing. I liked it a great deal.

There were lots of quotation marks here; I wonder if it would be easier on the eyes if you eliminated them, put spaces between each speaker, and put one person in italics and one in regular print?

Fun to read, though. Very real.
I loved this too! I think the dialogue was great and funny but true!! Good writing!
:) Sounds like the dialogue in my head! Fun and poignant!
This was a very fun read, indeed! Great job!
Novel idea. Brilliant idea - and most of all, an idea that kept me reading to the very end! Loved it! So true, and such a great way of "saying it" and/or "writing it"! In my humble opinion...Super! God bless!
I too loved this read. I too thought, "but it's december!" I don't even want to think about spring yet. I had this conversation in my head to even enter anything in this time. Anyway, good job. Doreen