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Wow! I loved the rhyme scheme here, and your word choices, and the message is GREAT! Definitely a huge favorite for me this week.
Not sure what to say, except that I was moved.
This has got to be a winner. Absolutely brilliant!!! Easy to read (the rhythm is perfect) and yet so much depth. Congratulations!!!
Your poem has much to say, and offer. Deeply felt--and I loved the last few lines. Lord, help break these vines.
God bless ya, littlelight
I am so impressed by good poetry, and this was very good!! God Bless you and your writing!
Beautifully written! Word choice, rhythm, tone combine to make sheer poetry!
Congratulations on your win this week. Kudos to you!
I'm only guessing that you're some relative of Kyle Chezum... but that's not what I'm here to say: THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Man, oh, man I wish I could write like this! INCREDIBLE!
Powerful imagery. I was especially drawn to the powerful truth in the phrase all my life's designs. It's difficult to lay down the architect's pencil, and sumbit my life the design of One Who laid the very foundations of the world. How awesome, knowing He paid, Himself, for my design, gone so astray.
Uncle Tim! Why didn't you tell me you were a writer? This is awesome! Way to go!
Powerful words. Powerful words.
They resound. :D

From one poet to another...awesome, moving, and a masterpiece of poetic words and rhythm - touching the very soul of the reader. Congratulations!
Very good poem here. Tells a story we all can relate to.
Tim, I know your prose is excellent, but I'm surprised you don't do poetry more often. This is outstanding.
Brilliant!! I am so happy this was honored with an EC!
Thanks for sharing it today, I am blessed!!
Wow! You have range, too! I'd recommend you give another poem a try, but I'd miss your fiction! Awesome for something you put out in 30 minutes (even in 30 days!)
This poem moves me in so many different ways that I am unable to put it into words. I'll just say WOW!
Very moving poetry, nicely done for a first try!