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I am looking for any indication whether this is an excerpt from a fictional story or a true story. So, here goes:
If it is true, I am envious of your rich heritage. But in a good way. You would be blessed to have such a neat tradition and a wise grandmother.
Whether it is true or not, this was well done. It was both inspiring and endearing. You did a good job of keeping my attention. I was anxious about the long and intricate vine. Good job!
Oh, I loved this unique approach to the topic! Only one tiny suggestion: blank spaces between paragraphs, please! This was just beautiful, and I loved the peek into another culture.
Interesting tradition. Lovely discriptions included. If you had spaced between paragraphs it makes much easier for us to read. Thank you for sharing-nice post. God bless ya, littlelight
This was a very creative story and I enjoyed reading it. The only little thing that bothered me was the name Los Hacienda. Los is plural/masculine and Hacienda is singular/feminine. Forgive me if this was an actual home's name, but technically it should have been La Hacienda I believe. If I have that wrong, maybe someone who knows Spanish better can informs. :)

Anyway, I did really enjoy your wedding story and also liked the dance of the vines. Good job!
Yours was definitely one of my top picks this week. Kudos!
This is really lovely - use paragraphs for easier-on-the-eye reading, otherwise you have a lovely turn of phrase. God bless.