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Beautifully done, written in an authentic voice. Bravo!
Beautifully done. It didn't skip a beat. God bless, littlelight
This was great! You took me back to the past very effectively. Nice writing.:)
This is great, and I really enjoyed reading it. We are studying this in my Colonial America class now, and I find it interesting. Good job!
Reads almost like one of the Psalms of David, with despair and hopelessness gradually changing to glimmers of hope and trust in God. I, too, appreciated this excellently worded history lesson. One thing I question: From my understanding (and maybe I have not read the new histories in the schools of this time period) these people did not all come to seek gold and fortune. Wasn't that more the Spanish conquistadores? If they were here for gold, they would not bring their families. Otherwise, this piece had excellent wording. Thank you.
Beautiful words! It mirrors the hearts of those early settlers who lived and died that winter.
Author's note:
WOW! I was pleased with this entry, but I am (pleasantly) surprised that it placed among the winners.
Just a note on Sandra's comment: it is my impression that the earliest expeditions were to find gold (in this case, for the Virginia Company). And yes, the earliest groups were all men, women arrived later in 1608.
To James, I apologize! I was thinking of Thanksgiving so much that I had the Plymouth Colony and Jamestown mixed up! And I claim to be a home schooling mother! I publicly apologize!