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Very nostalgic piece. A few problems with snetence structure; if edited, this would be a lovely meeting opener for a womens' group.
Good grief, I meant "sentence."
hehe snetence..nice new word. I thought the title went real well with your neat remembrences. Ncely done! God bless ya, littlelight
As a Florida transplant...I know what you mean about it just not being Christmas! thanks for such nice memories!
This is a charming piece. One lesson that I think could be learned here is that:

I would take the time to review the beginning. This is the part that will catch your readers first. To say that its the day you were born and the doctors felt they could journey better through the blizzard than your mother leaves me thinking, of course they could, she's in labor.

Of course after continuing I understand that you meant they felt it easier to journey to her than to them. But, be careful of sentences that cause your reader to pause.

This is the same area that I'm working in my writing too, clarity!

Best of luck to you in your writing
Nice Read. I Love winter and when it snow's too. Thanks for the memory. Helen
Paragraph 2 was a beautiful paragraph with lots of good memories. I wouldn't mind having a fireplace in front of me and having a winter picnic there. Sounds delightful! The opening paragraph, like Andria said, maybe needs to have a couple of sentences reworded. One rewording comes to mind: "A blizzard raged the day I was born. The doctor and nurse determined that they could make the trip out to the farmhouse easier than my mother, already in labor, could come to them." This is an excellent piece to cherish and pass on to family members when they are old enough to appreciate the value of Mother's, Grandmother's, or Great-Grandmother's memories. My husband's stepmother, who came to the family after his biological mom died, did this for us. Now we have photocopied pages of his maternal grandmother's and biological mother's journals and memories.
Nice remembrance, written concisely.