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Oh, this is great. Is this based on a true story? If not, I'm impressed with your creativity, and it certainly read like a true story.

You (or the MC of the story)were/was Jennifer, right? I got a bit confused, since this was in first person, and then all of a sudden the MC mentions her name.

Again, awesome job. I could see where this was going at times, but that didn't at all spoil the story. :)
This is funny and had me chuckling throughout. I have a feeling this is a true story, fiction isn't that funny. Be careful if it is true using your real name . Although the names you used are common it still may give a peek into your identity. If the names are made up then ignore this but I think I guessed the author because of the name. However since I'm not a judge maybe it doesn't matter. I'm only rambling on like this because I too am the baby of the family and we adorable youngest can get away with rambling. Did I say I laughed out loud several times?
Hahahahahaha! I Loved this! Very well written, and I felt as if I was sitting watching the whole scenario unfold before my very eyes!

Great! We all have a story of "sworn secrecy" somewhere in our closets of life! God Bless~
Infamous might fit your story a little better. How did you explain the crunch coating? Well done. You've managed to capture an entire day's events in 750 words or less. Well done.
LOL, great story! Loved how the turkey took on a personality all its own. Good job.
Congratulations! I really liked this piece and am delighted to see it have that awesome first place ribbon! You are progressing at an incredible pace; I can't wait to see you in level two!
Congratulations Jennifer! Nice job.
I thoroughly enjoyed your story! It was funny, engaging, and actually personified the turkey quite well. Congratulations!
Congratulations on a highly deserved first place win! I loved this story, it offered the readers so much...humor, family memories, and love. God Bless~
Congratulations not only on first place in your level but in ranking 12th overall! That is outstanding, you'll be getting an EC in no time!
I really enjoyed this one. It has the dry sarcastic tone to the descriptions and events that make the story more humorous.

Nice work.