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I really like your narrator's witty voice. Maybe she should leave the boyfriend back in the states...should take care of her worries. Well-written!
Delightful! I agree with Jan. The mother is a 'trip' herself!
That's great. I "feel" what it'll like to be a mother through your writing. And frankly. I'm not looking forward to it (motherhood that is). But it was true and real. God bless!
great detail! I liked the part that God pulled you out of the fire before you burned beyond recognition. Also, the part about wearing turtlenecks in Florida yearround because of air conditioning. Funny imagery! Also, breath, not breathe.
A story that aptly captures a parents realistic fears and portrays them with humour. Love: 'No, they would ascend the tower in separate elevators and we would pace guard over the top deck until all the pictures were taken.' Well done.
Well done! As a young lady who is saving her first kiss for her wedding day, I say keep at it--keep teaching your daughter that things are more special when waited for. :-)
LOL - great - I'll have to have my hubby read this one , as he's said our daughter can't date till she's 30, but I talked him down to 29, since that's how old we were when we met lol.
Phenomental writing! You've captured the essence of parenting - pride mixed with concern, wanting the best for her future. Keep Writing!
Terri, this was such a cute entry. It brought a smile to my face and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the ending was just right! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Wow, Tears shed as I recall my days of having to lie to go out with friends. I respect mother for her love and being strict. No reputation is a good reputation. (guy once told me)