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Well written.
what a gift we possess, when we have the ability to read.
Thanks for sharing this story of perseverence and strength in the midst of adversity.
This interested me especially because I have a friend with dislexia. She told me some similar things, but I didn't realize the far reaching affects. Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed it and learned from it.
Reading is such a blessing to me that's it hurts to see other people struggle with it. I could both hear and feel the anguish of your dyslexic hero. Thank you.
Dyslexia is more widespread than most people realize, as well as other reading/learning difficulties. The funny thing is that usually the same people who have a hard time reading also have a phenomenal memory. Probably because they use it more and because others lean on lists and writing to remind/keep track of items. This piece drew me in within the very first paragraph--I could feel the MC's pain. Good job. I also liked the fact that at the end of the story he turned in faith to trust God.