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Adorable story and like your sense of humor throughout.

All of your emotions are so well written and relatable. Your last sentence gave me a great LOL!

Remember to double space between paragraphs for easier reading.:)
What a great way to poke fun at yourself. I think I would like your husband and son.

A few of your descriptions were a little confusing and you had a point of view shift in the second paragraph.

I enjoyed reading it.
This piece was so very entertaining. Your set up and description of agitation made me laugh out loud. I smiled throughout, until near the end, when I grimaced during the suspense, my jaw dropped, and then I laughed. A pleasure to read, enjoyable from beginning to end.

My only suggestion would be to watch your tenses. You began the story in past tense, then switched to present tense.
I wonder how long it took that wound to heal . . . well at least the pen didn't break! ;) I don't think that I would be able to have your patience in a situation like that, but I do admire it.

This is a fun story, complete with ornery husbands and sons, caligraphy pens and certificates! I love the agitation line. :)
I love beautiful calligraphy, and I could feel the frustration of your main character.

There were a few places where you switched tenses--from past to present and back again.

This was a highly entertaining story.
That was a brave man, to mess with you after what they did! Very interesting and fun piece.
Sherry, congrats on placing 8th in Level 1! That's an accomplishment :-)

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