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You have captured what we all experience in spring. It is undoubtedly my favorite season. Something that saddened me, and it has nothing to do with your writing, but it is so true and that is that the "caregivers" have the children at the park. Unfortunately, that is more true than not. Laura
I feel like I've gone back up North after a long warm winter spent here in sunny South Florida, where it is Spring all year long! Your descriptions are beautiful. You've set me to reminiscence! Write me a story telling about the people in this gorgeous setting!
This is well-written entry. Very springy:)
thank you for this lovely descrition of Spring.! In your first sentence you use plural noun "Signs" and then the singular "is" I think it should be the first signs of spring are........ particularly as you then go on to desribe the different signs. Just a little point well done!
Each of your signs serves, as does an artist's stroke to canvass. Enough strokes and a rendering is realized. Enough signs and spring has sprung. Thank you for your spring rendering. Bryan. 04Aug09Tue.