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Oh my, I was starting to think that it was a reunion, since it hinted at the beginning that it was probably a funeral-but it fits just right! I know how it is to meet the whole family---only at a funeral. Good job-this is very realistic! ^_^
Beautifully written. I loved your transitions from one relative to the other, and how you circled back to Uncle Stu in the end. Very good plotting.
I like your title. I like the way you develop your plot. Good job!
Oooh, I like! Great flow to the memories, and a very poignant ending. Super job!
This was very sweet. I loved the mission to swipe Uncle Stu's hat...I was hooked at that line. Great job bringing it all back to the present with a little twist. Well done!
I was not expecting that ending. I really felt her pain when 'comparing herself' with Nicole. Well done. You drew me in from the beginning.
This flowed smooth and I'd like to rad more about this family. I bet there are more Uncle Stu stories.....keep writing.
"When had their family reunions turned into funerals?"...What a super ending, and what a super beginning! You are in the BEGINNER category. In my opinion you should be advanced...Your story was so well fitted in between the mental pictures of times past to the present sad-happy memory of a favorite uncle...You painted so many mental pictures of the activities of your family. I couldn't wait until your car pulled up to the door...and then the twist--the sight of the funeral home. But it wasn't a sad sight. It brought back great memories for you..VERY good...Helen
Interesting story. I didn't catch the twist until the end, but that's just like me. You did a great job.
My mom always says, "The family gets togteher for 2 reasons, for weddings and funerals." She prefers weddings. This is a realistic portrayal!
You have a God-given gift!
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