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Right on target for many new writers. Fits topic as well. I liked this. I have to go find my dictionary and look up "bunce".
A poem!
I can really relate to this, but I'd rather have rejection letters than nothing.
I especially like this rhyme.

"I must find my bunce."
Good job...keep writing.
I like the rhyme, it is what I best relate to. It's wonderful that you are open to growth, and we could all learn a lesson from you.
I really like this rhyme. This was my favorite line:
Oh Dear Lord, why dont you answer,
its not like I want to be a dancer.

It's just about as painful, but what a thought!

Have we all been there? It seems like it! Thanks for making me smile.
This was good! Every writer goes through this (I'm still in the middle of it! LOL) It's so hard to stop and be still than to charge ahead. I pray for patience as I learn. Very on-topic.
Refreshing to read a different take on the topic... especially one that all FaithWriters can relate to!
Loved the poem, great emotion and right on topic.
We writers can be an impatient lot! Thanks for the reminder that we have much to learn, and even then, we need to wait on the Lord for inspiration and direction.
I feel the old 'been there, done that' coming to mind here! I like the ryhme and pace, the two line format was very good for this piece, one note, was 'curse' supposed to be 'course?' Otherwise, good stuff! ^_^
The last two stanzas are my favorite. Your really are growing in your writng. Congratulations.
I love poems that rhyme and tell things so clearly to a topic and so I enjoyed your poem very much.
This is beautiful and I love its meaning. Well done!