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What can I say except this is unfortunate. I agree the lady acted unwisely. Jesus never approached people this way but He can transform anything to His good purpose. If this is a true story I hope you will continue to pray for your friend and seek ways to renew the relationship. She is not beyond His reach for with God nothing is impossible. By the way, you write very well!
I agree with the previous two comments, this is bad.
I will pray for your friend.
I hope that you haven't elected to go to another church.
It would be a good witness to Paula that Christ is the reason you go there, not the people.
Great story and the sadness of the reality will always be with us.
Your writing brings the idea to life.
A sad story but written with passion and a style I enjoyed! Good pace and good emotions shown!
Your writing style is very effective. I know this is true because it ignited emotions I haven't felt for far too long. Every Christian makes choices whether they be good or bad. If this is a true story perhaps Gloria will become a Faithwriter and read this story. It would do her good.
Something similar happened to a friend of mine, and seriously derailed my attempts to show her Christ. It's a tragedy. I like the ending of this one too, you just tell it like it is.