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What is a catastrophe to parents is ,often, an adventure to children. Good story.
Stories like this make me thankful I only had girls--boys really do tend to get themselves in these situations, don't they?

You might want to work on some of your dialogue, to make it sound more relaxed and realistic.

At least they had pictures of the adventure! Fun read.
Cute story. I was expecting something more to happen with the "wish bone". Also, was the "hut" their play fort. What good friends those boys seemed. Thanks.
I enjoyed this story. It really does sound like boy stuff. :) I too was looking for more with the wishbone, but overall good story.
I grew up in a neighborhood of 11 boys including me. Our lives were continual adventures. I can relate to your story, it's a good story and worth retelling many times. Ben severed an artery and broke a bone, Andy broke his leg I stepped on a nail and got an infected foot, I also broke my nose. While most of the actual injuries were minor the near serious tragedies were numerous. Two suggestions. The first is make more use of contractions and second while it's important to identify the speaker it doesn't need to be done on every line. The flow of the story is important.