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I loved this story! Realistic dialogue and powerfully moving if painful message. Wonderfully vivid descriptions too--I could see and hear everything and felt as though I were there.

What an amazingly original way the dad was able to see and feel Jesus' realness and love for the first time!

Terrific job!
Wow, I was speechless after this. The dialog and characterization was so real. This is excellent and well told. I hope to read more of your work in the future.
Oh, I liked this. Maybe it's just me, but his conversion seemed a bit.... sudden to me. Not that Christ doesn't do that some times, but I think it would have been more realistic, to me at least, if you had included some more background into the dad's life. Great story over all though. Very suspenseful. Keep writing!
I had a very tough time reading all the way through this. Not because it's not well written, but just the opposite. The animal lover in me could barely stand the realistic hunting scene you painted. That's a good thing, though, because you defintely evoked some emotion in me. This is very, very good.
Great job showing the emotional turmoil of the dad during the hunt. This kept my attention throughout. Good job.
Wow - SO gripping and engaging. This had me on the edge of my seat.
Wow. Very, very powerful stuff. Could be an effective witnessing tool for men of that mindset. Top-notch writing.
Powerfully and expertly written. A winner in my book!
Pretty powerful. God has a way to reach each one on their terms. Good job!
Good writing. Your action and dialogue were very real and drew me right into the scene. Great job.
wow. There is some pretty powerful stuff in this piece! Very vivid descriptions and realistic characters. The ending, though sad, really packed a punch. Great work.
This is excellent. Is it a true story? It is a good example of what Paul talked about - being all things to all people so as to reach some of them for Christ. Your main character reached out to his father through the thing he loved, hunting, and found a way to show him Christ's sacrifice in a meaningful way to him. Well done.